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By ZYHOBBY | 30 April 2020 | 0 Comments

Shipping V2 Release April 30

Covid-2019 has exploded globally, prices have skyrocketed, and our work and life have been greatly affected.

We strive to find a solution that maintains our product's price advantage and reasonable logistics prices.After many months of hard work, we finally did it.  

If you want purchase high-value items or batches, we provide an inquiry function on the product page.

we cancel free shipment, But you can save money when you buy more than 1,
Because we reduce the price and re-calculate the freight. 

Five new upgrades

1.The more you buy, the more you save.
2.Cancel "piece-rate charge", charge by weight.
3.Will not overcharge freight, give profits to customers, rationalize design.
4.Be a conscientious seller, don't charge indiscriminately, don't increase prices, give customers the best experience.

5.Add new logistics option -DHL Ecommerce

——The logistics options as:
1). Optional
Epacket  , the choice is still the best choice in most countries.
2). Optional
8 ~ 15 days, this plan includes DHL eCommerce and some special Line, more people will choose this because it is little higher but faster.
3). Optional
Within 7 days, choose this we will send via FedEx or DHL or UPS, only send via EMS when the volume reflects.

We provide PPE products at a lower profit than the RC products, to facilitate our members, please help yourself.

If you get problem about this, contact us:

Email: support@zyhobby.com
Whatsapp: +86 13699854985

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