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By ZYHOBBY | 04 November 2019 | 0 Comments

ZYHOBBY Full Platform Crazy Dual 11 Shopping Day

ZYHOBBY Full Platform sweepstakes Activites

The Buyer  ID who join the Plane sweepstakes announce at here.
US Stock Buyer ID who join the Special sweepstakes announce at here.
The draw will be held at Nov 15 and we will announce the video of the draw, there don't have any Trick.


Full Platform Planes Sweepstakes

The Sweepstakes activity for Full Plateform, ZYHOBBY sell planes and Accessories in ebay, Aliexpress and Amazon and in this store, As long as you buy goods from these stores, you can tell us your order ID, then you are in the Sweepstakes activity.

Buy items except engine from ZYHOBBY.com store can use the below Coupon:
Spend             Coupon Code
$5 off $50        ITOSIEDX
$10 off $100    9SWSKGAW
$25 off $200    95BIK4P0
Other Platform store also have big discount, please discovery.


Send message to [email protected], the message form: ZYHOBBY 11.11 sale + [Order number] + [US Stock, Not add if don't buy from US Stock].
We will check the order.

The first prize, Unlimited Number of people as long as buyer join. 
The Second prize, reach 1000 people join then we draw the the value about $300 Plane, the freight not include.
The Third Prize, reach 2000 People join then we draw the Value $500 Plane, the freight not include.

See here check the optional planes for the prizes.


US Sotck VIP Sweepstakes

Buy goods from our US stock can not only win the unrestrict shopping coupon, also can win the order 8% discount VIP.
The first prize,  as long as 50 buyeres join. 
The Second prize, reach 100 buyeres join then we draw another 5 win [ Gold VIP and $10 unlimited coupon]
The Third Prize, reach 200 buyeres join then we draw another 3 win [Platinum VIP and $50 unlimited Coupon]

See here check the VIP welfare

This is the first time ZYHOBBY do the world wide Sweepstakes activites, begin from 2019, and last for every year. We are exciting to do this let we met our customeres' passion.

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