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Portable Ground Control Station for UAV

30km Date and Video Transmission about the Ground control station.
The system has high integration, small size, easy operation, multi- channel adjustable, dual S-BUS outputs and so on.
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    T30 Dual Screen
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T30 Holding Integration Ground Station Drone Ground Station 10.1in Touch Screen

  • - Multi-mode Joystick: Optional American, Japanese, and Chinese style
  • - Large Screen: 10.1 Inch touch screen featuring high definition
  • - Longer Duration Time: Its electricity is up to 9000mAh; and it can be connected with external batteries (Battery is not included in this package)
  • - Upgraded Processor: There are premium i5, i7 processor for you to choose

T30 Specifications:
Specification Detail
Channel: 22-CH
Communications Frequency: 840MHz/900MHz (Optional)
Effective Distance: 5-30km (Depends on the receiver and environment)
RF Power: 1W (Adjustable)
Remote Control Delay: 10ms
Electricity: 12.6V/9000mAh
Duration Time: 3 Hours for Full-load
Model: T30 Holding Integration Ground Station
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Compatible Fuel Type: Electric, Gasoline, Jet Fuel/Kerosene, Nitro & Glow Fuel
Dimensions: 364 x 190 x 40mm (L*W*H)
Net Weight: about 1900g
Receiver: R20; V20; V30-10km; V30-30km (Optional)
Computer System: Windows 10 / Linux (Optional)
Display Screen: 10.1 Inch
Resolution: 1200 x 1920
Type: Holding Integration Ground Station
Processor: Intel Generation5 4200U i5/i7 (Optional)
Memory: 4GB/8GB DDR3L (Optional)
Storage Capacity: 64GB/128GB (Optional)
Network: 4G/WiFi (Optional)
Color: Black
External Ports: USB3.0, 4G Slot, LAN Ports, Audio, Amplifier, and HDMI Ports
Working Temperature: -10℃ to 60℃

  • ①Left and right rockers: corresponding T1, T2, T3 and T4, used for flight control
  • ②Four three-stage switches: corresponding SA, SB, SD, SE
  • ③Left and right rotary knobs: corresponding LD and RD
  • ④Two buttons(or three-stage switches:corresponding S1, S2 (or SC, SF)
  • ⑤Left and right deflector rods: corresponding T5 and T6(can be dialed to the middle)
  • ⑥9 key channels: corresponding F1~F9
  • ⑦Power button and indicator: used for turn on and turn off the device
  • ⑧Power, signal strength, transmitting and receiving indicator: used for indicating power, working status
  • ⑨RF antenna interfaces*2: used for connecting RF antennas
  • ⑩Audio input and output interface: connecting headset audio output or microphone audio input
  • ⑪LAN port
  • ⑫USB interface*2*USB 3.0
  • ⑬Multimedia interface: HDMI HD video and audio transmitting interface
  • ⑭Video transmission interface: VGA HD video transmission interface 13
  • ⑮Charging interface: connecting 12.6V DC adapter
  • ⑯Battery connection interface: used for connecting battery

Optional R20 Data Receiver:
  • - Working Frequency: 820-845MHz/902-928MHz
  • - RC Distance: 5-30km (Depends on the environment)
  • - Serial Ports: 1-CH TTL
  • - S-BUS Output: 2-CH S-BUS
  • - Power Supply: 7.4-12V
  • - Working Current: 300mA (12V Power Supply)
  • - Power: 0.1-1W
  • - Working Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃

Optional V20 Image Data Receiver:
  • - Working Frequency: 2.3-2.58GHz
  • - RC Distance: 3-7km (Depends on the environment)
  • - Serial Ports: 2-CH TTL
  • - S-BUS Output: 2-CH S-BUS
  • - Delay: <10ms
  • - Power Supply: 7.4-12V
  • - Working Bandwidth: 4-8MHz
  • - Image Resolution: 1080P@F30
  • - Video Input: LAN Port

Optional V30-10km Image Data Receiver:
  • - Working Frequency: 800MHz/1.4GHz/2.4GHz
  • - Bandwidth: 10MHz/20Mhz (adjustable)
  • Video input interface: HDMI/CVBS (choose one of 2)
  • CODEC mode: H.265/H.264 (adjustable)
  • Video date rate: 2~12Mbps configurable (adjustable)
  • Modulation mode: OFDM
  • Output power: Max 25 dBm
  • Date output interface: UART*1/SBUS*2
  • Video definition: 1080p60 (downward compatibility)
  • HDMI interface type: Type A
  • Antenna interface: SMA
  • Power input: 9~12V (3S power supply recommended)
  • Transmission range: 10-20km
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